Mapping of Nutrition and Health Status – A National Level Participatory Real- Time Data Generation Programme

Shift in local agricultural production, consumption pattern due to trade-off between demand and supply have changed the dietary consumption pattern specific to geography, socio-demographic, cultural variations in India. ICMR - National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) is implementing a programme titled, “Mapping of nutrition and Health status – A national level participatory real- time data generation programme” , to capture nutrition status, food intake and health indicators of population on real-time basis. The data on local/region/state specific nutrition profile, food consumption patterns and health status will enable evidence-based nutrition interventions programmes or nutrition promotion networks and behavioural change communication for promoting more diversified food consumption in India to achieve optimal and sustainable nutrition and health status of population. Professional organization like The Nutrition Society of India (NSI) and other ICMR regional Institutes will be involved in this national agenda. This real-time data will help us evolve dietary and health strategies to combat under nutrition and halt increasing epidemic of overweight, obesity in urban and rural regions, and policy development to reduce diabetes and hypertension. You may kindly volunteer to give your nutrition and health information data to help this long term vision for improving nutrition and health of our people.

Diet Individual Consumption Form

For above 18 years Adults

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Infant and Young Child Feeding form

(Only for parents of children below 2 years)

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